giving voice to and empowering the public that is public school in ways that

inspire every student to believe in and pursue his/her greatest potential.





Think back to a moment that defined you, shaped who you are, what you believe and why. 


Your STORY matters. 

What's a "Learning Story Slam"?
Here's a sample, featuring educators, administrators, and case managers from Neighborhood Centers Inc., Choices in Education
@Learning401 talk at Ignite Southern RI
Jen Hetzel Silbert, founder
What's the Learning401?
featured in Education Week
What's the Learning401?

Learning401 helps everyone — young and old, educator and non-educator, Democrat and Republican — see more clearly what powerful learning actually looks like (and requires).


Our vision is to create a digital library of powerful learning stories that shift how people talk about, imagine, and design learning as a community.


Ask yourself:


What's your most powerful learning story?

And what does that experience tell us about what powerful learning looks like and requires in your area code?


This deceptively simple question is the heart of the paradigm shift needed to shape up and revitalize our education ecosystem.  The stories revealed humanize and connect, bridging even the most divergent perspectives and strengthening relationships that are the backbone of student achievement: educator - administrator, student family - community, school - workforce and economic development.


The broader our story gathering efforts, the stronger our collective capacity for systems change on a topic near and dear to us ALL - powerful learning.


Learning401 puts the public back in public education in ways that are engaging, locally relevant, and with immediate win-win solutions.  Inspiring stories beget inspired action.


By capturing these stories digitally we not only expand our reach, but facilitate research in curriculum and classroom design, while generating data to effect local/state policy.


Join us in being the change we want to see in education.

positive stories, positive change