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Community Engagement in Education


Building on the “180 Days Hartsville” documentary and Rhode Island PBS' "Rhode Island Classroom" production,  we’re launching a series of Innovation Share events to spark powerful community conversations with an eye for what IS working.



We know our education system is in need of great change. And we know that this great state is loaded with solutions and success stories. We’re out to make more of a good thing for every school, every learner in Rhode Island. 


More concretely, we’re focusing on local elementary school solutions to keeping students in school and on the path to collegiate and career pathway success.




Rhode Island College, Alger Hall (Room 110)





IMPORTANT: Please register.  Seating is limited to the first 100 registrants.


a powerful documentary




a local television series




community engagement like none othah in Rhode Island!



Other ways YOU CAN HELP:


  • Send us success stories, suggestions for RI Classroom broadcast focus 




  • Host an Innovation Share at your school or community organization.  We’ll give you all the tools you need to ensure it a great success! 




  • Provide financial and in-kind resources to support our broadcast production and Innovation Share town hall series.




  • Join the conversation on social media, #180DaysRI